The authors would like to acknowledge the contributions of:


Sam Bickersteth, Chief Executive

Ari Huhtala, Deputy CEO

Mairi Dupar, Global Public Affairs Coordinator

Omari Bodhinayake, Country Support Team

Sam Unsworth, Negotiations Support

Virginie Le Masson, Gender Lead

Juliane Nier, Learning Manager

Janet Strachan, Director LEDS GP

Carl Wesselink, Africa Director

Margaret Kamau, Country Engagement Lead, Kenya

Revocatus Twinomuhangi, Country Engagement Lead, Uganda

Robi Redda, Country Engagement Lead, Ethiopia

Suzanne Carter, Senior Project Manager, Africa

Simbisai Zhanje, Project Manager, Africa

Charlotte Ellis, Project Manager, Africa

Liliana Ramos, Project Manager Colombia

Aditi Paul, Country Programme Manager, India

Areej Riaz, Country Programme Manager, Bangladesh

Munjurul Khan, Country Engagement Lead, Bangladesh

Ram Chandra Khanal, Country Engagement Lead, Nepal

Webster Wahande, Technical Advisor to the AGN

Mihir Bhatt, Country Engagement Lead, India

Khizer F. Omer, Project Manager, Pakistan

Claudia Martinez, Country Engagement Leader, Peru

Miriam Cerdán, Country Engagement Leader, Colombia

Mireya Villacis, Country Programme Manager, Peru

María José Pacha, Knowledge Management, LAC

Jorge Rodríguez, Country Engagement Lead, El Salvador

Gabriela Villamarin, Project Manager, LAC

Fareeha Irfan Ovais, Country Programme Manager, Indonesia

Mochamad Indrawan, Country Engagement Lead, Indonesia

Anna Nicholas, PwC

Christina Elvers, PwC

Lit Ping Low, PwC

Rob Milnes, PwC

Other organisations:

Helen Bryer, Department for International Development

Sim Dhensa, International Climate Change, UK Department for Energy and Climate Change (DECC)

Helena Wright, Analysis, UK Department for Energy and Climate Change (DECC)

Shannan Murphy, International Climate Change, UK Department for Energy and Climate Change (DECC)

Kelly Levin, WRI

Kathleen Mogelgaard, WRI

Sven Egbers, GIZ

Hanna Reuter, GIZ

Klaus Wenzel, GIZ

Lisa Herrmann, GIZ

Steffen Menzel, GIZ

Caroline Fouvet, GIZ

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